Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Ten Coolest Gay Clubs in Second Life (Part 2).

Continuing from last week, I present the second half of my list of the ten coolest club builds in the Second Life gay scene.

I've visited about fifty clubs in the course of the last couple of weeks and the diversity is remarkable - producing my target of a list of ten was difficult.

Again in no particular order, the next five clubs:

Club IX
One of the newest clubs on the gay grid, Club IX is a stylish converted warehouse built by renowned virtual architect Patch Thibaud.

Probably not so well-known to the wider gay community, this femboy club is the heart of an opulent sim the aesthetic of which is a kind of steampunk baroque. The club and sim are rewarding to visit and sadly often deserted.
Another fairly new club in Wendell Thor's San Francisco, The Slot is as raunchy as the Bull Ring in a lavishly textured and detailed industrial warehouse.

An expansive and glamorous Week-End nightclub gives Boystown a second entry on this list (if they still had the Ambient Ultra Lounge they might even have taken up three slots!).

Built inside a colossal Greek temple, the popular Zeus is one of the seven wonders of the Second Life gay club scene. It's another example of the kind of not-possible-in-real-life architecture that Second Life can provide.

There are so many great clubs with differing strengths. I recommend these for their appearance, but encourage you to explore and find which ones suit you - beauty is only prim deep after all and the real assets of a club are the tireless and talented staff and owners and the community of regular patrons.

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