Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Top 10 DJs in Second Life's Gay Scene - 2011

I've spent the last few weeks surveying 250 DJs from Second Life's gay club scene, asking them to pick their favourite DJs for a follow-up to last year's Top 10 list.

As with last year, voting was close, except for the front-runner, so several DJs have tied at different levels of the list.

A year is a long time in Second Life, so there have been some significant changes, with some names dropping off, and others rising to take their place.

Here are the top 10 DJs in the gay grid, followed by their DJ name, fan group name* and some brief commentary.

Equal tenth place:
Equal ninth place:
Eighth place:
Equal seventh place:
  • Arc (aka DJ Arc, DJ ARC): rose from runner-up last year. Arc DJs at Sanctuary, Q Lounge, The Den, The Forgotten, Retro-Active (Cabria Landing).
  • Kaj Juutilainen (aka DJ Kaj, DJ Kaj's Groupies): Kaj DJs at Starfall and Aqua Lounge.
Sixth place:
  • Merrick Kayo-Ying (aka DJ Merrick, Dial M for DJ Merrick): rising three places from ninth last year. Merrick DJs the Week-End Street Jam in Boystown.
Fifth place:
Fourth place:
Third place:
  • Wesley Spengler (aka DJ Wesley, DJ Wesley Spengler): rising two spots from fifth last year. Wes DJs at The Pavilion. He's the top real life DJ on the list.
Second place:
First place:
Runners-up this year include ⒶⓁⒺⓍ, Cooper Janus, Dov Watanabe, Kev Anton, ɱɪƈɦєʅʌɲʛєʅσ, ოίκεdɐςσoκ, ...Regi Yifu..., Sy Whitesong, Thorn Andel, TinaMarie Beck, Tralos De la Cruz and Graves Bloodwyn.

*Unfortunately I had trouble linking to the fan groups this year, so you have to search for them yourself!