Friday, June 11, 2010

Tadd's Cabaret & Dance Club

Eddi and I dropped into one of our favourite party venues, Tadd's, the other night. They've literally just moved into some stunning new premises in tropical Castro Beach sim and were celebrating. DJ Johny Alderton played a great set for us while we admired the emerald green decor and the sexy dancers!

Seen at the club: Adamina Adagio, Addy Babii, Alexi Fromund, Bill225 Westland, Carlos Bernstein, Charlurs Carpool, Chay Silvercloud, Clay Tobias, Cool Jonesford, Dafydd Sodwind, Diamond Flow, Eddi Haskell, Enzo Melune, Frank Bremer, Gatekeeper Gustafson, Gorken Baxton, GYMSTUD Swords, Jago Constantine, Jeno Loire, JohnathanLuke Larkham, Johny Alderton, MikeTom Carter, Nica Sellers, Rosetto Erin, scaciota Sparta, Tadd Rives, TinaMarie Beck, unicornio Axel, Vedrina Claven, Wayne Ascot


  1. If the new Tadd's was finished in time, would they have made your top 10 coolest club list Jago?

  2. Hehe well let's just say wait for next year's list :P